A Global Gathering



Because of the recent rise in popularity of EDM in the United States, like any other type of music would be subjected to, avid listeners and fans of mainstream artists are itching to hear their favorite songs, full fledged, in a live setting, and one that also promotes group unity and togetherness, such as a music festival. EDM festivals are becoming more noticeable, and more readily available after their initial introductions, and successes, in the country’s larger cities. Events like Electric Daisy Carnival, Ultra Music Festival, and All Good Festival, are a few of the country’s larger, more popular ones, to say the least. 



A festival is most definitely a unique place, both for the artist and for the festival-goer. Many assume that an artist or DJ’s job is simple, especially when playing at an event as described, because hey, why does it matter? It’s not like the crowd won’t be on enough drugs up until now to sedate a commune of rhinoceroses, right? Just load up a song, press play, and reap the rewards of your fame. Wrong. There is a method to their madness, and contrary to what one may assume about their duties, a lot of what they do goes unnoticed. Incorporating effects, cueing up future tracks to be played, ensuring songs are mixing together fluently, and controlling pyrotechnics, are few of the many responsibilities an artist or DJ performing may have at their control; however, most importantly, they are their audience’s shepherd. Live performances, such as one put on by dubstep/electronica trio, Destroid, are some of the more memorable ones to say the least. Performers want to make their time on stage memorable not only for themselves, but for their audience, too. They keep the vibe of the crowd up, make sure the music’s flowing nicely, but most importantly, they give their audience the piece of heaven, or sense of enlightenment, some may say they are trying to find when attending a festival, ultimately ensuring that venues hosting a festival will continue to sell out, year after year.


Fans of artists seek haven at large events. Once a location is determined for an event, fans from literally every corner of the Earth scrounge together for the durations of the country’s top EDM get-togethers. DJs and artists have taken it upon themselves to headline at such festivals in a collaborative effort, mostly because they know of how much the profound effects of their music, and the environment, can be for their fans. Fans come in thinking one thing, and leave thinking another. Biases, inhibitions, negative feelings, etc., are tossed aside, and the overall feel of the festival environment is friendly, forthcoming, and welcoming, almost to where it seems everyone is equal or on the same page with everything. Anything that may have been on their mind before entering is left at the door, because boy oh boy, when you experience an EDM festival head on, it is one that is not easily forgotten…that is, if you can remember it! 






2 thoughts on “A Global Gathering

  1. I thought this was a very informative article. I myself have never personally been to a festival but have wanted to for some time. This article makes me want to go even more than I had previously wanted. Just to be able to experience it all.

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